Josh Romney

Josh Romney is the middle child in the Romney family, and he is often considered to be the most involved of all the Mitt Romney sons when it comes to campaigning.

In fact, the brothers have agreed as a group that the two men most likely to continue the Romney legacy in politics would be Tagg Romney and Josh.

In recent years, Josh has increased his political involvement by formally holding several positions, including advisor to his dad’s campaign for president and Gary Herbert’s campaign for governor of Utah.

Josh Romney: The Man behind the Meme

Josh Romney

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Despite his interest in politics, Josh is the second son to focus his career path in the direction of real estate, and he works as a developer for a company called Romney Ventures, located in Salt Lake City. He and his wife, Jennifer, live there with their family of four children.

In terms of education, Josh chose to follow the footsteps of his two older brothers, Tagg and Matt Romney, getting his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and earning an MBA from the Harvard School of Business.

Overall, his good looks and inclination toward politics make Josh a likely spokesperson for the group of Romney brothers, and he is often the one to take center stage during family interviews and other campaign events.

Josh’s campaign activities in support of his dad have included countless rallies, fundraisers, and speaking engagements. Because he takes such an active role, he is quoted frequently in the press, leaving plenty of opportunity for him to share his opinion on the Romney campaign and take his fair share of teasing from the public. He also makes frequent posts on his twitter account.

The Reason Josh Romney May Be Camera Shy

The election of 2012 has given the public plenty of opportunities to poke fun at both sides involved in the race to the White House. The Mitt Romney campaign has had its fair share of memorable moments, and people on the internet have had a field day posting and commenting their own response to each one.

The focus has mostly centered on Mitt Romney and running mate, Paul Ryan, but the second debate introduced Josh Romney as a target for teasing.

During the debate, Josh was captured in the background, and one unfortunate photo of him in particular was taken. The photo shows the presidential candidate’s son looking very much like a villain, with an icy, intense stare, and the reaction on the internet was almost instantaneous.

What started as a photo taken at a less than flattering moment has become the internet meme, Menacing Josh Romney. It has spread like wildfire, and thousands have joined the fun by adding their own funny text to the photo.

The Romney camp has yet to respond to the Josh Romney meme and will probably simply let the exposure die down on its own.

The Real Method behind Mitt Romney’s Debate Preparation

After the second presidential debate, Josh Romney made headlines again by making a joke about the dynamic between current president, Barack Obama, and his dad, Mitt Romney.

In front of a cheering and enthusiastic crowd, Josh joked that he was personally proud of his dad’s performance and added that he and his brothers deserved some credit for the way Mitt Romney handled himself, referring to Mitt’s competitive spirit during several tense discussions about policy.

Josh made a connection between the way he and his brothers used to repeat their arguments as children and President Obama’s style during the debates, comparing it to the argument of an “obstinate child”.

He concluded the joke by saying he and his brothers had done “the real hard stuff” to help his dad prepare, and that he and his brothers had a great time watching the debate unfold.

Mitt Romney had already made a similar statement in response to Obama during the first debate, remarking that he had five sons and was familiar with people repeating the same argument and “hoping it becomes true”.

The Policies and Running Mate that Josh Supports

Apart from internet humor, Josh Romney seems to have a thorough understanding of his dad’s political views and has been an excellent ambassador in terms of emphasizing the high points to the media and the voting public. He has focused on portraying his dad as serious about important topics, such as controlling regulation, working with China, and reducing our energy dependence.

In addition to affirming his dad’s ability to put the economy and country back on the right track, he has expressed his confidence in Mitt Romney’s pick for Vice President.

When asked about how well he has gotten to know his dad’s running mate, Paul Ryan, Josh Romney stated that he didn’t know Ryan well. He followed up by saying he hoped to gain more insight into the politician and that he had a great deal of respect for what Ryan has accomplished.

Josh was inspired by Ryan’s acceptance speech and believes that Ryan and his dad became involved in politics for the right reasons and share the same desire to find solutions for the country. Josh is impressed by Ryan’s history in congress and his reputation for thinking through challenges and taking positive action.

It is his belief that Ryan had the same appeal to Mitt Romney and that they will be an effective team if elected in November.

Josh Discusses the “Obligation” to Campaign

Aside from his strong views on public policy, Josh has also revealed a more personal side when speaking about his dad and the rest of the Romney family.

When asked whether his active campaign role felt more like an opportunity or an obligation, Josh Romney responded candidly that he felt both descriptions are true to a certain degree.

On one hand, Josh feels that being so active in the campaign is an honor because it allows him to talk about his personal hero, and he really enjoys the time he gets to do that. On the other hand, he has also expressed how difficult it is to be on the campaign trail and away from his wife and children.

All things considered, it is an easy decision because it is what he believes is best for the country.

In fact, Josh also sees a direct link between his dad’s love for family and the good of the country as a whole, and he thinks that link is the reason Mitt Romney is running for president.

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According to Josh Romney, Mitt knows that his grandchildren will ultimately pay the price for the state of our country today, and he wants to fight to ensure they are able to enjoy the same country that he did and can share his hopes and goals for the future of America.