Craig Romney

At age 30, Craig Romney is the youngest of all the Mitt Romney sons.

However, don’t let the fact that he is more youthful than the others make you believe he has the least impact. As it turns out, Craig may be crucial to his dad’s success in a few different ways.

When it comes to achievement, Craig’s accomplishments are similar to his brothers. He maintains a successful career in real estate and resides in San Diego, CA with his wife and their two young sons. The family relocated from New York, where Craig worked in music production on behalf of the distinguished advertising and design agency, McGarryBowen.

Craig Romney: The Many Sides of the Youngest Romney Son

Craig Romney

Find out why Craig Romney is campaigning to hispanic communitie and the story Craig is telling young voters

Prior to starting his successful career, Craig received an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University like the other Romney boys, but he continued on his own unique path by attending Columbia University after graduation and earning a master’s in real estate and property development.

When speaking about his son, Mitt Romney has described Craig as the natural entertainer in the family as a result of his role as the youngest child. He is an avid twitter user.

Why Craig Romney is Campaigning to Hispanic Communities

Craig also possesses a key skill that has become an important piece of his dad’s campaign efforts: the ability to speak Spanish fluently. As a young Mormon missionary, Craig established his bilingual talent on a trip to Chile, and he has since been using it to help his father reach out to the Latino voting population for the upcoming presidential election.

To make the most of his ability to communicate with key communities, Craig Romney has met with Hispanic small business owners and traveled to swing states with heavy Hispanic voting populations to speak with them directly in door-to-door campaigning.

He has also contributed to various campaign advertisements targeting Spanish speaking communities.

Craig was also given the chance to acknowledge and demonstrate the commitment of the party to strong leadership in the Hispanic community at the Republican National Convention .

According to Craig, the Hispanic population will be an important piece of the Mitt Romney plan to restore prosperity in America, if he is elected in early November.

The Story Craig is Telling Young Voters

Craig Romney has also taken the opportunity to offer a fresh perspective on his dad and used his age to relate to younger voting communities. This has taken him to college campuses where he mostly steers clear of heavy talks about policy and instead focuses on revealing more about the private life of Mitt Romney from the perspective of his youngest son.

The most recent of these campaign initiatives was a trip to Florida International University to speak with students interested in the upcoming presidential election and express his own view on Mitt Romney’s character.

During the visit, Craig revealed his thoughts about his dad running for president and his experience of the family meeting in which all the Romneys discussed the decision. As a tight-knit family, each of the Mitt Romney sons knew they would be involved in any future political race, and each had an opinion on what should be done.

Craig Romney recounted a story that has been told by other members of the family, in which the sons are described as fully supportive of their dad’s first decision to run for president but much more reserved when the second campaign decision came along.

Although the family showed more restraint in making political decisions after Mitt’s loss to John McCain in the previous Republican nomination, Craig Romney and the rest of the family still ultimately decided that they supported the decision to run again.

The family had evolved during the time since the previous election, and they believed that the political climate in the country had shifted, as well. The Romneys expressed their belief at that time which was that their dad had the necessary experience and leadership to make positive changes in the White House.

The Lighter Side of Life with Mitt Romney

Beyond politics, Craig Romney has shared what he believes to be Mitt’s greatest qualities and anecdotes on his own experience growing up in the Romney household.

One story in particular offers a lighter look at a younger Craig Romney and his relationship with his dad.

As many teenagers do, Craig made plans when he was younger to toilet paper a house in the family’s neighborhood with one of his friends. However, things did not go as planned, and the result of their scheming was much different than what either one of them had imagined.

According to Craig, the pair spent nearly half an hour “decorating” the neighbor’s house and yard with paper, only to find it all gone the next morning. Knowing how difficult it would have been to clean up all that toilet paper, he was shocked and confused when he could see no trace of it anywhere.

He looked into the matter a little more and eventually came up with the answer to the puzzling situation. As he looked through his own garage, he came upon a trash can full of the missing toilet paper and realized that it was his father who had woken up early and taken care of the mess.

Although his dad never mentioned it to the young teen, Craig Romney felt he learned an important lesson that day anyway. He felt a sense of guilt knowing his dad had spent so much time and effort to clean up what he and his friend had done, and he eventually decided to give up on his pranks.

Overall, Craig has painted a unique picture of his dad for the public, and he has been successful in his efforts to reach a more youthful and diverse population. As the youngest Romney son, he brings a lighter energy to his discussions in the media, even joking to reporters about his dad’s old-fashioned jokes and hair.

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Craig Romney also expresses gratitude for his dad’s greatest contribution to raising the five Romney children: instilling them with a love for their country, God and neighbors.