Ben Romney

Ben Romney is the fourth son of Mitt and Ann Romney, and he is probably the son you know the least about.

Of all the Romney children, Ben is the least involved in politics by far and the one member of the family that is rarely seen along the campaign trail.

He has been characterized as “shy” by the media, and his brothers have contributed to this reputation in an interview with the New York Times, describing him as “quiet and focused”.

Ben Romney: the Most Unique Romney Son

Despite being quiet or shy, there are even more noticeable differences between Ben and the rest of the Romney brothers. In addition to the difference in the volume of his campaign activities, blond-haired Ben even looks different from the other Romneys, as the only son without dark locks.

Ben Romney

Ben Romney: the Most Unique Romney Son and The Comments You Might Not Expect from Ben…

Further, he is the one and only Romney son that chose a career outside of real estate development or business. Although his education began with graduation from Brigham Young University, which is identical to the other four Romney boys, Ben chose to pursue the medical field and eventually graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine.

Currently, he is attending the medical school at the University of Utah and is nearing the end of his residency in the super competitive radiology department, leading the public to speculate that an intense schedule may be the reason for his slight presence in the Romney campaign.

Ben is married to his wife, Andelyne (a.k.a. Ande), and they live in Salt Lake City with their daughter, who is three years old.

The Secret to Raising Children the Romney Way

Compared to his brothers, Ben hasn’t spent a significant amount of time engaged in campaign activities in support of his dad. However, this hasn’t stopped him from offering an occasional sound bite about the Republican candidate for the media.

Many of his comments have focused on the character of Mitt Romney from Ben’s perspective as one of the Mitt Romney sons, a viewpoint campaign advisors felt was necessary to portray Romney as more relatable.

He may have been most successful in this effort during the Republican National Convention, where he described what it was like to grow up with four brothers and Mitt Romney as his dad.

According to Ben Romney, the family’s weekly responsibility of yard work is something that stands out in his mind to this day.

Mitt would ask the boys to take care of a project in the yard every Saturday without fail, even if it meant transferring rocks from one side of the lawn to the other one week and reversing the task on the following week.

Through this type of responsibility and commitment, Ben and his brothers learned the value of hard work, a concept he believes was passed down from his grandfather.

Ben Endorses Ann Romney

Ben Romney distinguished himself in yet another way as the first of the Romney children to stand up for their mom when she was publically criticized by lobbyist Hilary Rosen.

Rosen, a well-known Democratic strategist, made a controversial statement early in the campaign about Ann, stating that she had “never worked a day in her life”. The insinuation that Ann’s role in raising five children was not work was not received well by women voters or by the Romney family.

Ben responded by defending his mom and dismissing the idea that Ann had not endured years of hard work while bringing up the five Romney boys.

Ben Romney provided his own testimony on behalf of Ann’s performance as a mother, describing how she was there for him every morning before school and as soon as he was dismissed at the end of the day.

Ben then detailed the effort she put forth to drive him to countless hours of lessons and sporting events and act as his biggest fan during any activity. He also recognized the fact that Ann always encouraged his interest in music by attending all of his piano recitals and band concerts in high school.

According to Ben, Ann never hired a nanny or helper to assist her with motherly duties, and she never sent the boys to daycare. Most importantly, Ben Romney never felt as though he was just one child out of a group of five because his mom always made him feel like he was unique and the greatest thing in her life.

He concluded his response to Rosen’s comments by expressing how overwhelmed he has felt at times in the process of raising his own child and describing his mom’s efforts raising the Romney boys as the most “demanding and rewarding work she could have done”.

The Comments You Might Not Expect from Ben Romney

Ben Romney endeared himself to the public even more when he appeared with his brothers on Conan O’Brien’s television show, amusingly remarking to the late night host, “As you can probably tell, I really love the limelight.”

Ben remained a good sport when his brothers teased him again later in the show, referencing his low profile in the campaign, and Conan even joked that he had been “sold out” by the group. He responded in good nature with a hearty laugh.

Despite his low profile, Ben has gained credibility in much of the public eye with his sincerity, and his statements about the country’s mounting debt, uncontrolled spending and need for a strong leader have been all the more pronounced.

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Ben Romney has offered simple but impactful support of his dad, stating that Mitt is his role model, hero and the perfect man for the job as president.