Mitt Romney Sons 2012-2016

Anyone paying attention to the upcoming political race for president (update 11/6/2012 : election won by Obama – 51.1% vs 47.2% for Romney) (update 1/19/2015: Mitt Romney confirms rumors – signals running for President again in 2016) (update 5/15/2015: Mitt Romney have bowed out of the 2016 presidential race) (update 3/3/2016: Mitt calls Donald Trump ‘A phony, a fraud’; all hell breaks loose. Let me know what you think!) has likely heard a lot about the Republican opposition, Mitt Romney and his family. Surprisingly, a good portion of the publicity surrounding the candidate has focused on the Mitt Romney sons.


This site will provide all the relevant information the public should know about the Romney family, including details for each of the five Romney children.

The Romney Family and What the Public should know about the Mitt Romney Sons

The Mitt Romney Sons

The Mitt Romney Sons: Then and now. Read on to find out THE BIGGEST misconception about the Romneys.

Regardless of your own feelings about politics and the upcoming presidential election, it is hard to disagree with the fact that Mitt Romney and his wife Ann seem to have a handle on what it takes to raise a successful family. By taking just one glance at the five Mitt Romney sons and their respective families, it appears that they also know what it takes to play the role of the family man.

In fact, the five Romney boys, Tagg; Matt; Josh; Ben and Craig, have together become a representation of Romney’s core family values to the public, something that has become a particularly large part of his political identity. The sons have even been involved in the campaign at times by answering questions for the media, hosting their own fundraising events, and appearing on stage with Romney during memorable campaign moments.

Outside of their dad’s political career, each one of Romney’s sons have become a success in their own right.

All five men married, and they all have children, contributing to an incredible 18 grandchildren for Mitt and Ann!

Physical fitness has always been a sole concern for Mitt Romney, known for his daily work outs. A review of his fitness routines shows that he is extremely diligent. Working out on an elliptical, treadmill or just jogging around the hotel, these routines gives him a strong and healthy appearance. Weather his sons follow in their father’s health and fitness quest is not known, but judging by their looks they probably do. In fact his oldest son, Tagg Romney, was recently spotted in a Jersey hotel sweating away on a stationary elliptical machine. Elliptical training, however, is not the sole fitness regimen of Tagg, his also been spotted jogging around his neighborhoods.

Each son has also achieved extraordinary things in his education and career. In fact, all of them graduated from Brigham Young University; three received Harvard MBA’s, and one son, Ben, went on to receive a medical degree from the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Why Advisors Asked the Mitt Romney Sons to Stay out of the Public Eye

With so much success, it may surprise the public to know that advisors asked the Mitt Romney sons to keep a lower profile during early campaigning.

The boys became extremely involved in Romney’s initial efforts as a hopeful in the presidential race of 2008, making visits to every county in Iowa and even writing about their escapades in support of their dad in a blog called “Five Brothers.”

However, campaign advisors ultimately concluded that the brothers might have been doing more harm at that time, perhaps adding a little too much to Romney’s wholesome, some say “stuffy,” image and making it more difficult for the typical American to connect with him on a meaningful level.

Essentially, what Romney needed at the time was to appear more average, and the success and seemingly perfect nature of his sons were hurting his campaign efforts.

The Romney Boys: Their Surprising Opinion on Dad’s Decision to Run for President

Maybe even more surprising than the fact that the Romney boys may have damaged his image in 2008 is the fact that four of the sons originally wanted Romney to reject the opportunity to run again in 2012.

Matt Romney spoke up in an interview with the Today Show in July of this year, stating that all of the Mitt Romney sons, with the exception of Tagg, initially felt as though he had already campaigned hard enough.

However, all five of the boys have since changed their minds and come around to the idea that they may be a part of the next first family. Matt explains the turnaround by stating they now have a real understanding on Romney’s motivation to become president, motivation they believe is a pure desire to give back to the country he loves, rather than just pure ambition.

Further, they are all in agreement that Romney’s desire to give back in such a way along with his lofty ideas are precisely what the country needs to transform into the best that it can be.

The Biggest Misconception about the Romneys

When it comes to the Romney family’s image, one of the most common misconceptions is that it is a picture perfect, wealthy family that cannot relate to average America. In an interview with the Mitt Romney sons, Conan Obrien even joked lightheartedly about a photo of the family looking super conservative in khaki attire.

According to the Mitt Romney sons, who have been congenial despite the teasing, those who know them better understand there is much more behind the image of perfection the media has given them.

The Romneys maintain that, behind the politics, they are a normal family with the same faults and imperfections as any other family in America.

In fact, the men even talk about their time growing up with Mitt Romney as their father as pretty typical, with the boys getting into normal father-son arguments from time to time.

Matt even admits to running away from home on occasion as a young boy, but always returning within a half hour or so.

Tagg Romney also admits his own imperfections, stating that he was by far the hardest to deal with during his teenage years. Although he finds it funny now, he claims that little things about his dad used to bug him, including his pants being just a little too short.

Despite any imperfections the family may have, it is clear that the Mitt Romney sons are all grateful for the values instilled in them when they were children and that they all believe Romney to be a strong leader who can do extraordinary things for the country.

A Fresh Look at Each of the Romney Children

As a whole, the Mitt Romney sons are strong evidence for the values supported by their Dad’s campaign, but they are individually unique, as well. Here, is a fresh look at each of the Romney sons, and there is even more to learn about each member of the family throughout the site.

Tagg Romney (The Oldest Son)

  • Tagg Romney

    Tagg Romney

    Age: 42

  • Family: Tagg Romney and his wife, Jennifer, live with their six children in Belmont, MA.
  • Profession: Partner, Solamere Capital; Unofficial Campaign Advisor
  • Interesting Fact: Tagg distinguishes himself from the rest of the group by having the oldest and youngest grandchildren. He also had a position with the Los Angeles Dodgers at one point in time.

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Matt Romney (The Coolest Son)

  • Matt Romney

    Matt Romney

    Age: 40

  • Family: Matt and his wife, Laurie, have four children and reside in San Diego, CA.
  • Profession: Real Estate
  • Interesting Fact: Matt has stood out for his less than helpful actions during campaigning, such as praising the opposition in the president’s home state of HI.

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Josh Romney (The Most Political Son)

Josh Romney

Josh Romney

  • Age: 36
  • Family: Josh Romney and his wife, Jen, live with their three children in Salt Lake City.
  • Profession: Real Estate
  • Interesting Fact: Josh was responsible for driving all of the Mitt Romney sons through Iowa during 2008 campaign efforts in a vehicle they called the “Mitt Mobile”. He has also previously considered his own potential as a politician.

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Ben Romney (The Shy Son)

Ben Romney

Ben Romney

  • Age: 33
  • Family: Ben and his wife, Ande, have one child and reside in Salt Lake City.
  • Profession: Radiologist
  • Interesting Fact: Ben is the only blond and has also expressed the least amount of interest in politics.

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Craig Romney (The Youngest Son)

  • Craig Romney

    Craig Romney

    Age: 30

  • Family: Craig and his wife, Mary, live with their two children in San Diego, CA.
  • Profession: Former Ad Exec.
  • Interesting Fact: Craig stands out for his ability to speak fluent Spanish and has done some campaigning to Hispanic populations on behalf of his Dad.

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It is easy to see why the public is interested in the sons, and there is even more to know. Find out why each of the Mitt Romney sons may have an impact on the upcoming presidential election!